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"Frieda is informed, candid and professional. You can trust you are in good hands working with her." - Jill K.

I moved from Alaska to Colorado which has been my home for just over 15 years. I have had the unique privilege of living all over the state of Colorado. From Durango to Ft. Collins and cities in between, the south Denver area was where my husband and I chose to raise our three children. Between the stellar schools, sweet communities and fun activities this area presents, we knew setting down roots here was the best choice for our family! 

I earned my bachelor’s degree in English/Communications which was followed by a career in sales, marketing and recruiting. I stepped away to find out how I could add personal fulfillment to my career by making a positive impact on people’s lives with the skills I have developed.  As a realtor, I get to wrap all my experience up together and do just that! I know that buying and/or selling a home can be one of the biggest decisions a family makes together. I look forward to facilitating an experience that is honest, enjoyable, transparent and smooth so my clients can just focus on the excitement of what their next chapter holds.  I love this beautiful state of Colorado and feel privileged to help my clients make it their home too.

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Allison H.

Have you ever met someone in the grocery line, and immediately wanted to add them to your Christmas Card list? Frieda Riggs is one of those people... Her work ethic, passion, and meticulous attention to detail combined with a heart of gold, make Frieda Riggs one of those people you will never forget.

5 stars - Highly likely to recommend

Bought a single family home in 2020 for approximately $475K in Fort Logan, Denver, CO 80236.

Frieda helped us to buy our first home and has been a true blessing and pleasure to work with. Setting out on the journey of buying a home during the middle of the global pandemic was daunting, but Frieda was patient, approachable, helpful, and made the process extremely easy...and fun!!

She was diligent in finding available listings that she knew we would like and that fit our budget and parameters. She made good use of our time by lining up multiple showings close to one another so we could look at various homes without wasting an entire day. When we looked at homes that didn't fit our needs or she felt were not good investments, she was genuine and honest, rather than just trying to make a sale. She ensured the purchase was right for us and that we were making a good investment.

When we finally found a listing that we were interested in, she was very knowledgable, strategic and helpful. She guided us to make an offer that would be beneficial to both the sellers and to us. She went above and beyond to find out any information that would ensure our offer would be considered, and we ended up finding and buying our dream home.

Once the purchase process started Frieda communicated with us regularly and handheld us through the entire process. She ensured we understood everything that was needed from our end, explained each step, and was present for all of the pertinent steps - including the inspections. She went above and beyond to connect us with contacts whenever there were questions we had and/or if there were future aspirations we had for our new home.

Frieda is a true professional and an outstanding realtor. She's fun, honest, down to earth, easy-going, knowledgable and helpful. Laughs are abundant when you work with Frieda. I highly recommend you seek out her services when you want to start looking for a home.

Review by: jorgelawton

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